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Mission Miami Valley, Inc.

Summary of Ministry

Revised July 29, 2008


We are a 501-C-3 non-profit corporation ministry dedicated:

  1. To helping people come into the presence of God,
  2. To serving city, neighborhood and church transformation movements,
  3. To preparing disciples,
  4. To facilitate the renewing of people’s minds,
  5. To transforming America person by person and city by city.


We believe that for transformation to take place in the home, the workplace, the church or the city that transformation must start with the individual person having a renewed mind and becoming transformed by the power of God.






Mission Miami Valley Ministries emphasizes the importance of coming into the presence of God and using prayer as a means of evangelism.


Mission Miami Valley Ministries sees prayer as a process that reflects a lifestyle in which the individual and the corporate body begins to walk their talk in Christ.


Mission Miami Valley Ministries defines prayer as continually talking to God about our everyday walk with Him and about our intercession for others.


Mission Miami Valley Ministries uses prayer to reach into all facets of life and ministry to renew minds for transformed lives so we can win, equip, disciple, teach and send other individuals and groups to transform more lives and cities.




Mission Miami Valley Ministries seeks out, and works in cooperation and relationship with, other individuals, groups, ministries, organizations and churches.





Our vision is the transformation of Miami Valley, Ohio and beyond by facilitating the renewing of people’s mind, leading to their transformation so that people exhibits the characteristics of the Kingdom of God.






Mission Miami Valley Ministries is committed to helping fulfill the Great Commission in this generation by transforming America, individual by individual and city by city, to exhibit the characteristics of God.






The purpose is to assist the entire Body of Christ (individuals, groups and churches) to win, to equip, to disciple, to teach and to send out workers into the harvest field by learning to follow God’s pattern for coming into His presence and by facilitating mind renewal in individuals leading to their transformation.


The facilitation of mind renewal is for transforming individuals, churches and cities so that people come to Christ, so that the Kingdom of God is advanced, and so that we can help fulfill the Great Commission in this generation through the work of the Holy Spirit.




To help make 775 disciples trained in Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM) in the Miami Valley Region of Ohio by the year 2013.



To see20,000 new souls in Miami Valley by the year 2018.




  1. To get focus on disciple making by renewing of minds through identifying, networking, organizing, and where needed, equipping, disciplining and releasing the following groups:

a. Pastors

b. Christian Intercessors

c. Christian Business and Professional People

d. Christian Government Leaders

e. Christian Youth Leaders

f. Congregations

h. Hurting people, saved or unsaved


2. To network, mobilize & align the above seven groups to work in cooperation among and between each other.


3. To develop vision and strategy to network, mobilize and align each of the seven groups for a unity of faith and purpose. This will advance the fulfillment of the Great Commission in this generation with souls coming to Jesus Christ, people’s minds being renewed, and transformed lives exhibiting the characteristics of Christ.


4. To engage in the making of disciples through the multiplication process taught by Jesus.


5. To move toward assessment & closure in the following areas:


a. Teaching the pattern designed and provided by God to come into His presence.

b. Networking with, and within, the seven different groups.

c. Monitoring the progress of Prayer, Disciple Making, Mind Renewal and Evangelism.

d. Measuring pastor involvement.

e. Measuring prayer, disciple making, mind renewal and evangelism in the Market Place.

f. Measuring prayer, disciple making, mind renewal and evangelism on the campus with youth and in congregations.

g. Measuring, tracking and communicating with those in the prayer movement.


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