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End of Time
How To Keep Your Job In A Recession

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HOW TO KEEP YOUR JOB in a recession


As we enter the end of time as we know it we will need all the information we can get.  Here are tips on how to keep your job in a recession.


The best way to ensure your continued employment when times are tough is to develop an excellent work ethic. Having a good work ethic can only help your future employability, too.


Who goes and who stays?


Who goes first?

1. Those that cost the company more than they produce. It doesn’t matter how smart and educated you are, if you are expensive and you and your department don't bring a lot of money into your company, you may be let go. Go into sales or another highly productive department.

2. The selfish. The whiners. The unlikable. Those with bad attitudes about what they will or will not do to help the company.

3. Consultants. They make big money and have no loyalty, nor do they carry any specific responsibility.

4. Sales people on a high base salary who are not hitting their sales goals.


Who will be the next people to go as we are entering the end of time?

People who produce new product ideas. If our economy goes down the tubes, no one will buy the product without massive marketing dollars. So it may be best to market what we already have. No point in investing very much toward an uncertain future. Put out a minimum of new product, but cut the rest.


Who will keep their jobs to the bitter end as we enter the end of time?

1. Loyal, positive people who are cross-trained in every area of the company. People who can “do it all.”

2. My Accounting manager, Customer Service manager, the Accounts Receivable/Bookkeeper, and a really smart webmaster. Why? Because my accounting people can also run the warehouse shipping system, and can pack and ship if need be. My customer service manager can handle every part of the ordering system.

3. Commissioned sales people, or sales people on a very low base salary.



What can you do as we enter the end of time?  We don't know how long it will take to be fully in to the end of time but we do know we are entering that time now of trouble for the world.



Set goals:

Ask your manager what is expected of you. You can say here’s what I believe I’m supposed to be doing, do you agree with me? Set 30-day and 60-day goals - share them with your superiors and give updates.



Stay in constant contact with your managers, whether it is by email, phone or even in person.


Amp it up:


You need to give evidence you are going above and beyond the typical job.


Assess: How Have You been Contributing to the Success of Your Company?


It’s a good idea to tactfully let your superiors know what your contributions have been and what you are doing for your company’s long-term benefit.


Assess: How Have You been Contributing to Reaching Your Company's Main Business Goals?


Now is not a good time to be working in your company’s sideline business. Assess your role in the company’s core business activities and get back to the basics if possible.


Assess: What Can You Do to Gain Skill That Will Make You Indispensable?


Assess your skills and build on them in whatever spare time you may have. Take a course, job shadow a colleague, or volunteer after hours. Be willing to learn the skills necessary to fill a need that you have identified in your company’s business.


Get Serious


If you have gained a less than stellar reputation at your workplace, shape up immediately. Polish your reputation and give your superiors reasons to believe that you have the company’s best interests in mind.


Work Hard

Establish yourself as someone who’s got a great work ethic. Come early, stay later, and get more done. You need to be seen as being efficient and productive.


Positive Outlook

Stop complaining and develop a positive outlook. If you’ve got a job to go to, consider it a blessing and put on a happy face.


Put On Your Thinking Cap

If you’ve been around awhile and know your business well, your experience and insight can be invaluable to your company when economic times get tough. If you’ve got some great ideas that may help your company to survive these difficult times, now is the time to share them with the decision makers.


Zip Your Lips

If you’re a relative newcomer, now is the time to sit quiet and listen. Learn from others with experience.


Refrain From Gossip


Extricate yourself from conversations that are nothing more than company gossip.


Steer Clear of Conflict


Avoid taking sides. Find a way of getting along well with everyone.

Create success for yourself:

When there's a lot of negativity around, you need to find ways to feel successful.

Watch your attitude - don't succumb to pessimism.

Keep your network active - stay in touch and try to provide useful information.

Update your skills - Keep up to date with the latest information.

Ensure your work serves the larger goals of the organization - look to take on extra responsibility.

Temporarily forget about work-life balance - concentrate on becoming indispensable.

Examine your finances - decide on a budget and stick to it.

Don't badmouth people - stay positive or, at the least, neutral.

Make yourself indispensable


Don't be high-maintenance


Stay busy


Do damage control


Be faithful, obedient and trustworthy


Respect your job and take it as your life


Respect your workmates and your boss


Avoid too much love of money


Avoid being corrupt and involve in illegal acts like embezzlement


Avoid selling sub standard or expired goods if you're a businessman


Improve on your job skills and experience


Improve on your education level if your job requires qualification


Be on time for work and avoid absenteeism


As we enter the end of time as we know it and the world gets more and more chaotic, these clear tips on how we can keep our job are needed.  Most are just common sense but we need a reminder.

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