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End Times Preparation
Understanding God’s Kingdom Law of Use

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Preparing Ourselves For The End Times By Understanding The Law On Use


Our end times preparation is enhanced by understanding God’s Kingdom Law of Use.  The term “law” is used in this series because we are looking at Universal Principles.  The Principle or Law of Use here is “Do business until I return.”



God’s Kingdom Law Of Use Is The Foundation Of All Personal And Corporate Development.


In Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus tells about a rich man who is going away on a trip (representing Jesus returning to heaven) and he distributes different resources to each of his servants (representing the gifts each of us have been given).


Jesus said that the point of the parable in Matthew 25:14-30 was first that while Jesus is away, the true believer is to do something – he is to work and to work faithfully and diligently.  The second point Jesus makes in the parable is that the work will be either greatly rewarded or severely judged.


To one servant the rich man gave 10 talents, to another he gave two talents and to a third he gave one talent. 



The Parable


In this parable, Jesus was dealing with His return from heaven. He went “into a far country” (v. 14) and “after a long time, the Lord returned” (v. 19).  Christ was teaching a much-needed lesson: we must be diligent and faithful, for if we are not, when He returns there will be sever judgment.


The lesson that we must be diligent and faithful in making use of what God has given us is the “Law of Use”.  We are expected to do business and make use of what God has given us.


In the parable, two servants invested what they were given, but the third did not. When the master came back, he asked for an accounting. The first two were praised and rewarded for their diligence, but when Jesus told this story, the ending seemed unfair. He took away from the man who did not invest in gave his talent to the most faithful investor, firmly announcing this law of his kingdom: "to everyone who has more will be given … but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away".



The Law of Use


In other words, if you use what is given to you, you will gain more. If you fail to use what is given to you, you will lose even what you think you have.


What has been given to you can be in the physical, intellectual, financial, or relational dealings.  Whatever is given you, however small it is, use it. Use it diligently and use it on an ever-increasing scale.



Set Goals to Increase


Set goals to increase what ever you do.  This applies to all your personal and corporate development.


The end times law of use is the secret of the kingdom and it guarantees success to any Christian who applies it – “Do business until I (Jesus) return” requires diligent, specific, intentional work on our part and that requires setting goals for kingdom work.


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