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End Times Preparation
Understanding God’s Kingdom Law of Reciprocity

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The Kingdom Law of Reciprocity is at the Heart of All Relationships


Our end times preparation is enhanced by understanding God’s Kingdom Law of Reciprocity that is the “Golden Rule”.  To prepare us for the coming season that is coming now is the time to practice this Law of Reciprocity.


One of the most well-known things Jesus ever said dealt with a basic issue of life, the issue of righteousness. It is known as the law of reciprocity or the "golden Rule".



How to live Righteously


How can a person live righteously, that is, have a right relationship with his neighbor?


The Law of Reciprocity, or "Golden Rule", is the summit of ethics, behavior, righteousness, and godliness. It is a very practical statement of God's love; that is, God has done to us just as he wants us to do to him. God has treated us as he wants us to treat Him, and everyone else.



Law of Reciprocity


The Kingdom Law of Reciprocity or the Golden Rule reveals the heart of God. It shows us exactly how God's heart longs for us to live and act. It is a simple statement revealing what love really is and what life in a perfect world is like. It tells believers that they are to live as the Golden rule dictates, while still on the Earth, before being transferred into the heavenly world or dimension.


To prepare for the coming season this Kingdom Law of reciprocity is to be practiced at every opportunity we have. This Law is so profound that it should be adopted by every society.


This in times law states, "whatever you want men to do to you, you also to them", and is found in Matthew 7:12. How profound and effect this Golden rule would have if applied at every level in our world!



Do To Others As You Would Like Them To Do To You


You would not want your neighbor to steal your tools, so do not take his.


You would not like to be struck by a reckless driver, so do not drive recklessly.


You would like a helping hand in time of need, so help others in need.


In industry, we would not want the person upstream from us polluting the River, so we should not do it to the person downstream from us.


We would not want to breathe chemically polluted air, so we should not pollute someone else's air.


In the workplace, we would not want to be oppressed, so we should not oppress our employees.



This Will Change The World


If applied, this end times kingdom law of reciprocity would remove the need for armies, jails, and prisons; problems would be relieved, the burden of government reduced and the productive energies of all the people released.


The end times preparation of this Law of Reciprocity. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," if put in practice, would revolutionize our society. This is the kingdom foundation for all social relationships. Practicing this law will help prepare us for the end times and for eternity.

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