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End Times Preparation
Understanding God’s Kingdom Law of Persevering Prayer

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End Times Kingdom Law of Persevering Prayer


Our end times preparation is enhanced by understanding God’s Kingdom Law of Persevering Prayer.  Persevering Prayer is necessary to make God’s Law of Use and Law of Reciprocity work.



What is the Law of Persevering Prayer?


It is asking, seeking, and knocking until the answer is received, found, or opened.  It is being so obsessed with getting something that a person never gives up until God responds.


The words ask, seek, and knock are in the present tense in Matthew 7:7. In other words, a person is to keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking. He is to persist in prayer.


The words receive, find, and open are also in the present tense in Matthew 7:8 and this shows that the answer to prayer is more than just a promise for the future. The person who perseveres in prayer possesses an answer now. Perhaps the thing has not happened, but by faith, the believer knows that God has heard the prayer.



Pray God’s Will


For the end time's kingdom law of persevering prayer to be effective the thing prayed for, must be in God's will. It must not be asked from selfish desires and motives. God gives only what is good and wholesome for us.


In preparing for the season we are entering, we must learn the will of God by absorbing his word. This is the only way we will learn the will of God.


There is more to the law of persevering prayer than just asking. We must also seek, and we must also knock at the door of heaven until God grants the request that is in his will. Matthew 7:7-8 imply continuous action; this means that we are not to ask, seek or knock once and then stop, but keep on asking, seeking and knocking until the doors open.



How to Win the Highest Prize


God, and his wonderful wisdom, has built the world in such a fashion that only those who are diligent and who persevere win the highest prizes. The law of persevering prayer is effective for the person who is determined to achieve his God-given goal; despite all obstacles, that person will end up a winner. Those who are fainthearted and faltering, whose minds are not made up about something, will always lose.


God makes us reach high for better things. Only a few will strive hard enough to win it. Those who keep going in spite of problems, pain, and difficulty will eventually overcome their problems.


It is necessary to keep its something long enough to let the loss of use and the laws of reciprocity work for you.

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