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End Times Preparation
Understanding God’s Kingdom Laws of
Unity, of Disunity and of Greatness

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End Times Kingdom Laws


Our end times preparation is enhanced by understanding God’s Kingdom Laws of Unity, of Division and of Greatness. 


How is it possible for a kingdom to be successful?  By the Kingdom Law of Unity.


What makes it impossible for a kingdom to succeed?  The kingdom Law of Division.


What makes people a success?  Following the Kingdom Law of Greatness.


As you will see, the Kingdom Law of Unity and the Kingdom Law of Division are related. You will also see the Kingdom Law of Unity will come into play when people exercise the Kingdom Law of Greatness.



End times Law of Division


A universal truth that Jesus stated in Luke 11:17, 18, says that "every kingdom divided against itself is brought desolation, and a house divided against itself falls". The best of all plans can be destroyed if we have disunity.


When there is division, plans cannot succeed. This is the reason Satan does everything he can to cause division among Christians. Because Christians are so divided, suspicious, and focused on each other's weak points, we are breaking the most important key for corporate success: unity.



End times Law of Unity


Jesus said that the world would know that God had sent Him if His disciples were one. Unity is an example to the world showing the supernatural origins of the Christian church. "How those Christians love one another!" was the amazing observation of the people of the Roman Empire. With unity, the church can win the world. Without unity, the church is powerless.


Even evil men can find success through unity. God looked down on the tower of Babel and said, "Indeed the people are one and they all have one language… now nothing that they purpose to do will be withheld from them" (Gen. 11:6). This is God's own appraisal of mankind in unity. Unity brings incredible strength! Nothing is impossible for people working in unity. This is the law of unity.


Any time an organization begins to fight among itself, it will go down. Unless the organization moves in unity, there is absolutely nothing it can do for good or evil. This is the law of division.


Think what God's people working in unity, under his blessing can accomplish according to the laws of his kingdom!



End times Law of Greatness


To understand the law of greatness we will look at what Jesus did. Jesus chose ordinary fallible human beings to be his disciples. Like people everywhere, the disciples wrestled with pride and ambition. Realizing they're striving, Jesus sat a little child down in their midst, saying that in the kingdom, the great are like children - humble, trusting, and teachable.


Later, when the disciple’s concern for status surfaced again, Jesus elaborated on this law of greatness, saying that the greatest is the servant of all (Luke 22:25-27). This law of greatness works today.


Those who are great in our society today are people who serve the sick, and needy, and the wounded. These people are great, because they have given themselves to serve others.


There is a very practical outworking the law of greatness in the everyday world. Those who do serve the most people may often become the most famous and prosperous. But this is not their motive; rather, recognition seems to be the inevitable fruit of self-giving, childlike service to mankind. This is the law of greatness, and those who follow this law also operate in the law of unity.

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