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End Times Word of God
Our Mighty Sword of the Spirit

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End Times Word - the Sword of the Spirit


The End Times Word of God is given to us by of the Holy Spirit as an offensive weapon to be used against evil as our sword of the Spirit in the end times.


During these end times in which we live, the Sword of the Spirit or the Word of God is vital to our survival as Christians.  What is being talked about here is a revelation God has given of himself through what he has called the Holy Scriptures. This is what Paul calls the Sword of the Spirit.  He calls it this because it comes from the Holy Spirit, and it receives its fulfillment in our soul through the operation of the Holy Spirit.


The End Times Word


The ability to quote scripture at the proper occasions, and especially during times of temptation and trial, has a wonderful tendency to cut into pieces the snares of the devil.


The Word of God here means the rhema Word and refers to the preached Word or an utterance of God spoken by the Holy Spirit into the heart. Believers need this end times Word from the Spirit to combat the enemy’s assault during the end times.


Christ quoted scripture three times when He was being tempted by Satan n the wilderness. Christ used of the Word, by saying to Satan, “It is Written…” during His temptation.  We are to quote scripture and pray scripture in these end times much the same way as Christ did; we are to say, or pray, “Satan…It Is Written…!  This is to be our pattern as to how we are to use the Sword of the Spirit against Satan.


Offensive Weapon


This is the only offensive weapon mentioned and it refers to the short swords used in close combat by the Romans. The sharp, short swords were one of Rome’s great military innovations. The Roman army was called the “short swords” because of its use in winning battles. The double edges made it ideal for “cut and thrust” strategy.


The swords were used to protect, to fight off and to slay the enemy. The sign of the Christian soldier is his use of the Word of God. By living in the Scriptures, he protects himself from the onslaught of the enemy; and he fights and wins battle after battle, day after day. Remember: Jesus Christ Himself overcame the onslaught of the devil by using Scripture. The written Word is the one weapon that assures victory for the Christian soldier, for the Word of God is living and active.


There are many Scriptures to seal in our hearts listed on this web site, especially at these links:
It is Written....

Scriptures on Prayer


The Spirit Gives the End Times Word


The Spirit makes the end times Word of God effective as we speak it and receive it. The Spirit gives this Word its penetrating power and sharp edge. Jesus’ use of God’s Word in His temptation prompts our use of it against Satan.


With the Holy Spirit within, believers have the constant reminder of God’s Word to use against Satan’s temptations. When the enemy, the tempter, tries to tempt us to do evil, we have the power to send him away with the Word of God. The Spirit will bring the words to mind. This is especially important as we enter into these last days.


Lessons to Learn

It is only through the end times Word of God that Satan and his demons can be met, so there are several things we must learn:

  1. That we should study the Bible so that we may understand what the truth is.
  2. We should have texts of Scripture at our command, as the Savior did, to meet the various forms of temptation.
  3. We should not depend on our own reason, or rely on our own wisdom. Satan is smart and can reason very well, but he cannot resist a direct and positive command of the Almighty.
  4. We may see the importance of training up the young in the accurate study of the Bible. Knowing scripture will furnish them security in the end times; when temptation comes upon them, they must have a pertinent text of Scripture at their command.

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