End Times Discipleship
Making Disciples and Having Fun
Lesson: Month 01 - Day 03

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LESSON Month 01-Day 03


This end times discipleship program is uniquely designed to make disciples for Christ using the Word and a simple process of multiplication while increasing your circle of friends and having fun.


Keep in mind that the disciples are called end times disciples because we are entering in to the last days and there is a desperate need for prepared kingdom disciples who understand the times in which we live!



Weekly memory Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20.



Today’s Scripture: Matthew, Chapter 3.  Please Underline verses that will help you make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.


Identify in a way you can come back to for review what scripture from today’s reading that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.  You may want to highlight the scripture in your bible or you may want to write it out – however you can best come back for reminder and review.






Disciple: In today’s scripture reading, John tells us that he baptizes with water but that Jesus shall also baptize us with the Holy Spirit and with fire.  What’s does “baptize” mean?

Servant: We’ll cover that on Month 1 Day 16. 


D:  In the final sentence of today’s reading, God says from Heaven, “This is my own dear Son, and I am pleased with Him.” 

S:  Let’s make 12 end times disciples for Jesus who do likewise and God will be pleased with us, too. 


D: Why the number 12?

S:  Jesus had 12 disciples.  He set the example for us.


D:  Any other reasons?

S:  The number 12 is used extensively in the Bible.  Israel was organized into 12 tribes (Genesis 35:23).  Joshua had 12 stones taken from the Jordan River to build a monument (Joshua 4:4-9), Elijah rebuilt the altar with 12 stones (1 Kings 18:31) and Solomon appointed 12 governors (1 Kings 4:7).


D:  That’s a lot of 12’s.

S:  There’re more.  The Heavenly Jerusalem has a foundation built from 12 kinds of stones (Revelation 21:12-21) and the Tree of Life in Heaven bears 12 fruits, one for each of the 12 months (Revelation 22:2).


D:  Impressive.  Any other reasons for 12?  

S:  Yes, God showed me a vision of a 12 on January 17, 1990.  I had been asking since 1984 how He wanted to organize our efforts to prepare people for His second coming.


D:  Interesting.  Our scripture reading today was about John the Baptist preparing the way for the first coming of Jesus.

S:  That was John’s job.  


D:  Are others multiplying by 12’s?

S:  Yes, the fastest growing church in the world is organized in multiples of 12.  International Charismatic Mission is located in Bogotá, Colombia and currently has over 180,000 members.


D:  Wow!

S: The pastor, Cesar Castellano, got the inspiration in 1991 to train 12 people who do likewise.  One of my 12 and his wife were members of that church.  I have visited the church in Bogotá 3 times.


D:  Is there a book written about this amazing 12 x 12 church?

S: Yes, it’s called Groups of 12 by Joel Comiskey. The 12’s approach is now spreading to other churches around the world.


D:  What’s the key to success with the 12’s?

S:  Simple, life-changing training inspired and empowered by God.


D:  It can’t get much simpler than 12 minutes a day for 12 months.

S:  You’re right.  Do it daily and you’ll be delighted with the results.   




Circle the main part of today’s lesson that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.





My prayer for today that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus who do likewise is:


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