End Times Discipleship

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Lesson: Month 01 - Day 24

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LESSON Month 01-Day 24


This end times discipleship program is uniquely designed to make disciples for Christ using the Word and a simple process of multiplication while increasing your circle of friends and having fun.


Keep in mind that we are entering in to the last days and there is a desperate need for prepared kingdom workers who understand the times in which we live!



Weekly memory Scripture: John 3:3



Today’s Scripture: Matthew 17.  Please Underline verses that will help you make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.


Identify, in a way you can come back to for review, what scripture from today’s reading that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.  You may want to highlight the scripture in your bible or you may want to write it out – however you can best come back for reminder and review.






Disciple:  Verses 1-8 of our scripture reading today are certainly supernatural aren’t they?

Servant:  Yes, Jesus’ “… face was shining like the sun and His clothes became white as light.”  (verse 2)


D:  Then, “All at once Moses and Elijah were there talking with Jesus.”  (verse 3)

S:  And in verse 5, God Himself spoke about Jesus, “… This is My own dear Son, and I am pleased with Him.  Listen to what He says!”


D:  In verses 19-21, Jesus encourages His disciples to have more faith that God can do miracles through them.

S:  Let’s have faith that, through us, God will do miracles and make 12 disciples for Jesus who do likewise 10 times until the world is won for Jesus.


D:  Getting back to the Holy Spirit, another thing happened when people got baptized with the Holy Spirit, didn’t it?

S:  What?


D:  Acts 2:4 says, “The Holy Spirit took control of everyone, and they began speaking whatever language the Spirit let them speak.”  That got everyone’s attention, didn’t it?

S:    It sure did.  Today it’s often called “speaking in other tongues”, “speaking in tongues”, “tongues” or “heavenly prayer language”.


D:  Do people still get the gift of tongues?

S:  Yes, some people do.

D:  Do you have a “heavenly prayer language”?

S:  Yes, I received it upon baptism with the Holy Spirit in 1977.


D:  Does that happen to everyone?

S:  No, but most people that I know who let the Holy Spirit “take control” (Acts 2:4) and who sincerely seek this gift, receive it.


D:  Don’t some people say this gift is no longer available?

S:  Yes but Paul, one of the most powerful followers of Jesus, says about speaking in tongues in 1 Corinthians 14:39: “… don’t stop anyone from speaking languages that others don’t know”.


D:  How will speaking in tongues benefit me?

S:  I can only share from my experience.  Speaking in tongues helps me in these 3 ways:  When I am trying to get insights from God; when I feel a need to pray but don’t know what to say; and when I want to praise God but don’t have the words to fully express my love for Him.    


D:  I am ready for the baptism with the precious Holy Spirit with the gift of speaking in tongues.  What’s next?

S:  At your water baptism, you can ask God to also baptize you with the Holy Spirit.


D:  Let’s schedule my water baptism.

S:  Fine.  Meanwhile, let’s tell some more people about 12 for Jesus.






Circle the main part of today’s lesson that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.





My prayer for today that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus who do likewise is:



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