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Lesson: Month 01 - Day 26

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LESSON Month 01-Day 26


This end times discipleship program is uniquely designed to make disciples for Christ using the Word and a simple process of multiplication while increasing your circle of friends and having fun.


Keep in mind that we are entering in to the last days and there is a desperate need for prepared kingdom workers who understand the times in which we live!



Weekly memory Scripture: John 3:3



Today’s Scripture: Matthew 18:21-35.  Please Underline verses that will help you make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.


Identify, in a way you can come back to for review, what scripture from today’s reading that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.  You may want to highlight the scripture in your bible or you may want to write it out – however you can best come back for reminder and review.






Disciple:  Our scripture reading today is a wonderful teaching about forgiving.

Servant:  In verse 21, Peter asks Jesus, “How many times should I forgive someone who does something wrong to me?  Is 7 times enough?


D:  The answer Jesus gave Peter demonstrates the importance of forgiveness, doesn’t it?

S:  It does.  In verse 22, “Jesus answered: ‘Not just 7 times but 77 times!”


D:  Sometimes it’s hard to forgive, isn’t it?

S:   Yes, but the parable in verses 23-35 makes the case for forgiving, doesn’t it?


D:  Yes, the unforgiving official was, “… tortured until he could pay back everything he owed.”

S:  How long do you think he was tortured?


D:  Since this is a story about the Kingdom of Heaven, it probably was for eternity.

S:  Like being tortured in Hell?


D:  Maybe.

S:  And the sad part is the king had already forgiven the official.  All he had to do was to forgive others.


D:  In the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:12), Jesus tells us to ask God to Forgive us our sins, as we forgive others.”

S:  Have you forgiven everyone, including your parents, yourself and even God?  If not, avoid further torture by forgiving them now.

D:  I hereby forgive everyone!  God, help me share with others those truths You are teaching us.

S:  Yes, help us make 12 disciples for Jesus who do likewise.  


D:  Any there other scriptures that might apply to yesterday’s topic, the baptism with fire?

S:  Yes, in Luke 12:49 Jesus tells us, “I came to set fire to the earth and I surely wish it were already on fire.


D:  Anything else?

S:  Jesus refers to purity in Revelation 3:18-19, “I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire… As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten.”


D:  Jesus wants to purify us, doesn’t He?

S:  Yes.  Isaiah 66:15-16 is strong: “For behold, the Lord will come with fire… and His rebuke with flames of fire.  For by fire… the Lord will judge all flesh… “  The commentary in the Spirit Filled Life Bible (NKJV) says, Fire either purifies or destroys.  It can purify those who believe in Jesus and destroy those who don’t.”


D:  In order to be a good example for my 12, I want to be purified.  How do I get baptized with fire?

S:  Ask Jesus to baptize you with fire.  Ask Him to burn up the things in you that are not pleasing to Him.  Tell Jesus you want to refined, purified with His fire.





Circle the main part of today’s lesson that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.





My prayer for today that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus who do likewise is:



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