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Lesson: Month 01 - Day 28

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LESSON Month 01-Day 28


This end times discipleship program is uniquely designed to make disciples for Christ using the Word and a simple process of multiplication while increasing your circle of friends and having fun.


Keep in mind that we are entering in to the last days and there is a desperate need for prepared kingdom workers who understand the times in which we live!



Weekly memory Scripture: John 3:3



Today’s Scripture: Matthew 19:16-30.  Please Underline verses that will help you make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.


Identify, in a way you can come back to for review, what scripture from today’s reading that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.  You may want to highlight the scripture in your bible or you may want to write it out – however you can best come back for reminder and review.






Disciple:  Our wonderful scripture reading today is Jesus answering to the question of a rich young man, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to have eternal life?”

Servant:  The answer Jesus gives can be life changing for all of us who do it. 


D:  Peter replied to Jesus in verse 27, “… Remember, we have left everything to be your followers!  What will we get?”

S:  Jesus promised His 12 in verse 28, “… you will sit on 12 thrones to judge the 12 tribes of Israel.”


D:  What new idea do you have for talking to people about joining our 12 for Jesus groups?

S:  First, please review the lessons from Days 7, 14 and 21.


D:  Those are 3 terrific ideas.  They’re working well for me.

S:  Wonderful.  The new idea today is the Pocket Testament.


D:  What’s that?

S:  It’s a free, attractive, booklet that fits in one of your spare pockets.  You are asked to give away just one per day to people at places like Wal-Mart.


D:  What’s in it?

S:  It contains God’s simple plan of salvation, the Gospel of John, the prayer for salvation and an offer for free Bible studies.  It also has a reply card so the person can order free Pocket Testaments to give to others.

D:  What do I say to people when giving them the Pocket Testament?

S:  First ask, “May I ask you a question?”


D:  What do I say after they say, “Sure”.

S:  Say, “Why should Jesus let you into Heaven?”


D:  If they give the “wrong” answer, do I say, “Here’s a gift to that shows you how to get into Heaven”?

S:  Yes.


D:  If there is time, should I go over God’s plan of salvation at the beginning of the booklet?

S:  Yes, and then tell the person about 12 for Jesus.


D:  How do I get some of these free Pocket Testaments?  

S:  You can order over the Internet at www.pocketpower.org or by calling (717) 626-1919.  Ask for a free 30-day supply.


D:  If I don’t know the person’s name, how can I do follow-up?

S:  Good question.  Say, “May I check with you next week to see if you have any questions?”


D:  When they say, “Yes”, do I get their name and phone number?

S:  Yes.  Let’s encourage people to invest 12 minutes a day in this enlightening 12 for Jesus training





Circle the main part of today’s lesson that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.





My prayer for today that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus who do likewise is:



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