End Times Discipleship

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Lesson: Month 02 - Day 3

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LESSON Month 02-Day 3


This end times discipleship program is uniquely designed to make disciples for Christ using the Word and a simple process of multiplication while increasing your circle of friends and having fun.


Keep in mind that we are entering in to the last days and there is a desperate need for prepared kingdom workers who understand the times in which we live!



Weekly memory Scripture: Matthew 24:30-31



Today’s Scripture: Matthew 22:23-46.  Please Underline verses that will help you make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.


Identify, in a way you can come back to for review, what scripture from today’s reading that will help you make 12 end times disciples for Jesus.  You may want to highlight the scripture in your bible or you may want to write it out – how ever you can best come back for reminder and review.






Disciple:  In today’s scripture reading, the religious leaders tried, unsuccessfully, to trick Jesus 3 more times.

Servant:  The answers Jesus gave were so profound that “… from that day on no one dared ask Him any more questions.” (verse 46)


D:  Jesus teaches us in verses 23-33 that there is eternal life.

S:  Reassuring, isn’t it?


D:  Yes.  In verses 34-40 Jesus shares the 2 greatest commandments.

S:  They both involve love, don’t they?


D:  Yes, love God and love people.  (verses 37-39)

S:  Making 12 disciples for Jesus who do likewise 10 times is a great way to love God and love people, isn’t it?


D:  It is. 

S: The Jews knew that if Jesus were the Messiah he would have to come from the lineage of David.  That’s clearly established in Matthew 1:1-17.  But Jesus also proved that the Messiah came from God in verse 44.


D:  Yes, David said “The Lord (God the Father) said to my Lord  (Jesus the Son): Sit at My right side until I make your enemies into a footstool for You.”  (Psalms 110:1)

S:  God is doing that through 12 for Jesus, isn’t He?


D:  Yes, the better we know and obey Jesus, the less chance Satan has to harass us.

S:  Let’s be determined to tell someone today about our wonderful Jesus and this life-changing 12 for Jesus training.


D:  Let’s.  As we read about Jesus, one thing becomes clear:  Jesus is the Son of God, our Messiah.

S:  He is indeed.


D:  Anything more about the Holy Spirit?

S:  Just remember to keep dying to self daily and let the Holy Spirit do whatever He wants through your vacated body.  Give Him all the credit for what He accomplishes.  Have faith that the Holy Spirit can operate all the spiritual fruits and gifts through the body you once occupied.


D:  Will do.  What else?

S:  Read the biography about Rees Howells called INTERCESSOR.  The author is Norman Grubb.  You can purchase it at a Christian bookstore or over the Internet.  It will help you yield to the Holy Spirit.  Chapter 5 was a spiritual breakthrough for me.  You will be amazed what the Holy Spirit did through that emptied body.  Other than the Bible, this is one of the most helpful books I’ve read.




Circle the main part of today’s lesson that will help me make 12 disciples for Jesus.





My prayer for today that will help me make 12 end times disciples for Jesus who do likewise is:




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