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End Times Prayer
In The Tabernacle

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End times prayer in the presence of God will prepare you for effective spiritual warfare.  We need to understand the tabernacle and apply its principles to our lives.


For effective Spiritual Warfare and living in these last days, you need the Tabernacle so you can enter into the presence of God.


This prayer follows the sequence of the steps God has given us through the Tabernacle. Prayer spent here will prepare you to come into His presence.


The sample prayer below is given as an example only; it can be followed until you learn the proper sequence God has provided for us to enter into His presence.


The picture of the Tabernacle is a picture of man in the image of God. There is the flesh, orBody, pictured in the Courtyard; there is our Soul pictured in the Holy Place and there is our Spirit pictured in the Holy of Holies where we commune with God.  Then, second, we must be cleansed at the Laver.  The end times prayer through the tabernacle is very methodical, just like God.


The sequence of items is important to God. For example, first we must repent of our sins and die to ourselves at the Brazen Alter.


Once the pattern is learned, you can personalize your end times prayer so that each step through the Tabernacle will apply specifically to you and God.


As you pray this end times prayer be careful you do not spend all your prayer at the Brazen Alter repenting over and over.  Strive to move through God's pattern sequence so you have as much time as possible in the presence of God in the Holy of Holies, at the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant under the wings of the Cherubim.



The Brazen Alter (In the Courtyard)


This represents the Cross and Christ’s blood sacrifice. End times prayer spent here is at the foot of the Cross repenting, dieing to self and offering yourself as a living sacrifice in the Courtyard of the Tabernacle.

  1. Thank you for Your Blood to for give all my sins.
  2. I confess that I am a sinner and have sinned against You in thought, word and deed.
  3. I confess …..(Specific sins) … ask Jesus to show you areas of your life needing to be confessed and repentance made.
  4. I crucify myself, my sinful, natural man, my flesh. I place myself on Your cross where You died for me.
  5. I worship You because through Your Blood You have delivered me from the power of Satan and of the world.
  6. Through Your strips, I am healed and I praise you for divine healing through Your Blood.
  7. I praise You for freeing me from the curse of Adam because of his sin. You took that curse to the cross.
  8. Your Word says You have redeemed me from the law and that I am delivered from failure and poverty caused by the fall of Adam
  9. Through Your Blood I am delivered from death and hell. You conquered death and hell.
  10. By your Blood, I am completely delivered from death and hell and am now living in Your Glory.  I am a member of the kingdom of God.



The Laver (In the courtyard)


This represents our cleansing. End Times prayer here covers us with the Blood of Jesus and cleanses us of all sin.

  1. Oh God, make me righteous through Your grace.
  2. Heavenly Father, cleanse me from all unrighteousness.
  3. Father, put in me a clean heart. A heart that is pleasing to You.
  4. Increase my faithfulness to You.
  5. Make me faithful and loyal to You Father, especially as far as Your 10 Commandments are concerned.
  6. Oh God, purify me, sanctify me, and make me holy so I will be pleasing in Your sight.
  7. Sanctify me in Your power.
  8. Father, give me Your grace so that I may forgive ………
  9. Holy Father, You help me to forgive ………….., please also help me to love them.
  10. Father God, I know you cleanse me and forgive me, please help me to have a very soft and loving heart to my brothers, sisters and neighbors.
  11. Heavenly Father, help me to live according to the measure of faith that You give me.
  12. Keep me from pride and from the evil one.  Help me to live each moment according to the fullness of the faith you have given to me.



The Table of Shewbread (In the Holy Place)


This represents the Bread of Life, the Word. End times prayer here, inside the Tabernacle, fills us with His Word - It is good to quote and pray Scripture here.

  1. Lord, your fresh Shewbread is placed on the table each day. It is Your fresh Word each day.
  2. Lord, I admire and love the Word of God. I long after the Word of God.
  3. Heavenly Father, help me to read, study, believe your fresh Word each day.
  4. Lord, give me a new, fresh revelation in my heart today from Your Word.
  5. My heart is panting for the Word of God so open my mind and my heart to your revelation today.



Golden Candlestick (In the Holy Place)

This represents the light of the Holy Spirit. End times prayer here is being filled with the light of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Dear Holy Spirit, I recognize You. I welcome You. I love and adore You.
  2. Thank You Holy Spirit for being in my life.
  3. You are the Spirit of God and Jesus.
  4. You are the Spirit of wisdom.
  5. You are the Spirit of understanding.
  6. You are the Spirit of counsel.
  7. You are the Spirit of power.
  8. You are the Spirit of revelation of the Word of God.
  9. You are the Spirit of the fear of God or of reverence, which gives me the power to reveal God to others.
  10. Holy Spirit, I ask you to help me now. I cannot do anything without Your anointing. I depend on You. I worship You. I thank You. I love You. I admire You. I honor You. I can’t handle the situations in my life and I depend upon You, please help me to walk in Your Spirit.



The Altar of Incense (In the Holy Place)


This represents the prayers of the saints, with the pleasing aroma reaching God. End times prayer here is offering petitions for others.

  1. I sing praises to You. I pray and sing to you in the special prayer language you gave me. Please accept the praises of Your saint.
  2. I love you and give all praise and glory to You.
  3. You delivered me from sin.
  4. You delivered me from worldliness.
  5. You delivered me from sickness.
  6. You delivered me from the curse.
  7. You delivered me form death.
  8. You are the God who is the foundation of my life.
  9. You are the value of my life.
  10. I worship You, the God who created the heavens and the earth and all things in them.
  11. I love you with every part of my being and I sing praises to You.



Ark of the Covenant (In the Holy of Holies)


This is where the presence of God resides in the Holy of Holies – it is a supernatural place where we meet the Lord.


End times prayer here is in the presence of God - be still and listen! From here He will send you to do His work. Have a pen and paper for notes because He speaks to us here.

  1. Heavenly Father, when Jesus died on the cross You opened up the Holy of Holies by tearing the curtain from top to bottom so I could come in through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ.
  2. I see Your Ark of the Covenant Father and know that the three items You had placed there represent Your supernatural presence.
  3. In Your Ark is the rod of Aaron, which supernaturally budded; the tablets of law, which You supernaturally engraved; the manna, which You supernaturally provided in the wilderness for Your people.
  4. I enter into the Holy of Holies and run to the Mercy Seat on top of Your Ark of the Covenant and I see Your Shekinah glory. I see the throne of God. I see the Ark of the Covenant.
  5. I join You at Your mercy seat, in the Shekinah glory of Your presence, beneath the wings of the Cherubim
  6. Dear precious Heavenly Father, I am in awe at Your supernatural presence. I could not be more humbled then I am by Your presence.
  7. I love You. I worship You. I adore You.
  8. Father, I know I am eternally forgiven. I am eternally declared righteous. I am eternally saved. I am eternally blessed by the Blood covenant of Jesus Christ.
  9. Thank You Heavenly Father, I know I am in Your Family. I know I am a child of Yours. I know I am living in the Holy of Holies and I desire to spend intimate time with You here in this place. I worship and honor You Lord.
  10. Now Father, I have many requests and I ask You to hear them. I will only ask what is Your will and promises; I will ask only so You will be glorified and neither I nor anyone else will receive one speck of Your Glory.



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