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Key End Times Prayer Hindrances

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End Times Prayer Hindrances


Key end times prayer hindrances result in unanswered prayer.  Let’s face it; because of hindrances to prayer, especially in these end times, there are many unanswered prayers in the world today. 


When we pray and we do not see an answer to that prayer, our faith, belief and expectation for future prayers is at risk; this diminishes our prayer effectiveness.


When answered prayer is not a normal experience for us, we then tend to have low expectations of answered prayers in the future.  That hinders fervency in our prayers, perseverance in our prayers and our belief in the effectiveness of future prayers.  Guess who has won then - The Enemy!


The term “end times  prayer hindrances” is used because we are living in the end times.  We don’t know how far we have moved into the end times because only God knows that, however Christ told us to be aware of the season.  You will find on this web site many pointers to this season we live in as being the end times.


End times prayer hindrances will increase in intensity and frequency so it is imperative we understand these last days prayer hindrances. 




Because we dare not be caught unaware in these last days.  Now is the time to ready ourselves, we dare not wait until it is to late.



What Are The End Times Prayer Hindrances?


A key question is “What are the end times prayer hindrances?”  This is a big, but important question; it is too big to be adequately covered in this one article, but I will try to summarize some of the major hindrances we face in these last days. 


Ponder the following hindrances in your own life.  This was a valuable study for me to go through personally.  As I did this study on end times prayer hindrances, some of these hindrances in my own personal prayer life were revealed, as a result, I am benefiting by studying those areas in more depth.  I believe you can benefit also.



Areas of End Times Prayer Hindrances


  1. Being an Obedient Child of God:  We need to be His child, fall under His authority and obey His commands.  This does not mean we have to be perfect for our end times prayer to be answered, but it does mean we have to be submitted to Him with all our heart.  This will become even more difficult as we move deeper into the end times.


  1. Sin:  God does not answer those who love the sin in their life so much that they are unwilling to give it up.


  1. Lack of Faith:  Faith is believing that we have received that for which what we have prayed.  This does not mean giving “lip service” to simply saying that you believe you have received it.  It means truly believing with all your heart that you have received it – knowing that you know.


  1. We Do Not Ask:  Most of us are in the habit of planning and doing things in our own strength with our own mind and our own abilities; we never seem to get around to asking God specifically for what we need.  We are self-sufficient and think we can do it ourselves.  That self-sufficiency is going to change more and more in the end times.


  1. We Ask With The Wrong Motives:  God does not answer prayers when we ask for something so we may satisfy our own selfish desires and fulfill our own selfish motives.  God will permit only Himself to receive glory – not us.


  1. We Do Not Pray God’s Will:  God will not answer any end times prayer that is not according to His will. Learning God’s will requires studying His word in the Bible; He has revealed His will through His word.  How many of us just rely on our pastor to present the Word to us on Sunday morning?


  1. Unforgiving Spirit:  Forgiveness of our own sins depends upon how we forgive those who have sinned against us. An unforgiving and judgmental attitude is a major cause of unanswered prayer.  Forgiveness of others is absolutely critical for our end times prayer to be effective.


  1. Lack of Praise, Thankfulness, and Love:  The language of the Kingdom of God is praise, thanksgiving, and love.  The language of the kingdom of darkness is complaint, criticalness, judgmentalness, jealousy, greed, divisiveness, selfishness, immorality, and the like.  Often we have the language of the kingdom of darkness in our heart and not the language of praise, thanksgiving and love.


  1. Failure to Resist Satan:  Satan knows that you can accomplish more through your prayers then through your work, therefore he does not want you to pray and will do all in his power to hinder you and discourage you and cause you to doubt.  Our battle is against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world; to fight the battle we must know how to put on the armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-13.


  1. Not Waiting On God:  If we do not receive an answer to our end times prayer, we are not to stop praying; rather, we are to persevere until we do hear from God.  We have no way of knowing what is going on in the spiritual realm that may be causing a delay in answers to our prayers.


  1. Refusing To Do Our Part:  As a servant of the Lord, our satisfaction must be in seeing His work done.  That means we must we willing to put hands and feet to whatever God sends us to do.  So many people in churches today pray for new converts, then they open the door to the church and look out but the Lord doesn’t blow the new converts into the building, so they shut the door and pray some more.


  1. Family Relationships:  When we fail to abide by God’s rules for family relationships, our prayers are hindered.


  1. Lack of Time:  We must set end times prayer as a priority.  Satan and the world will constantly try to create obstacles to our time for prayer.  We make time for those things in our life that are important to us.  To be able to communicate with the God of the universe, for the created creature (us) to be able to communicate with the Creator is an awesome thing.  God knows our priorities we set for our life.


  1. Not Praying In Jesus’ Name:  All authority has been given to Jesus and He in turn has made some of that authority available to us.  We need to understand what it means to be able to operate in the authority of the Name of Jesus.  When our youngest daughter was asked to call her older brothers to dinner, they often would not come for her.  But, when she was told to tell them that “Dad said to come to dinner” they came.  Jesus gives us that same right to use the authority of His name in our end times prayer.

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