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What Is End Times Prayer?

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What is End Times Prayer?


End times prayer is prayer that takes place right now in our 21st century and deals with our 21st century life situation as we proceed into the end times before the return of Jesus Christ.


The theme of this website is “understanding the end times”.  It is the firm belief of the author of this website that we cannot know the day or hour of Christ’s return but that the Bible is clear that we can know the season of His return.  The signs of the season are here – the fig tree is budding – summer is almost here!


Prayer is talking with Godhead.  Prayer is conversation with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  God wants us to communicate with Him.  He wants a relationship with us. He desires to Fellowship with us.  This is awesome knowledge for us to have!


End times prayer is being aware of the season we are in and praying according!



Must Believe In God


End Times prayer presupposes a belief in the persons of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and in Their ability, in Their willingness to communicate with us, and in Their personal control of all things in these end times in which we live.



Must Be Offered In Faith


End Times prayer must also be offered in faith; faith that God is and that He hears and answers prayer.  This is a belief we know to be true.  We must not doubt or be what James calls double minded, that is, believing two opposite things at the same time.  This has always been true, but it is particularly important that we not lose this truth as we enter the end times.


An example of double mindedness would be to believe all the above and at the same time believe we were unworthy of a relationship with God.  Double mindedness is believing that you are “in Christ” and made “righteous” by Christ and yet still believing you are not able or worthy of a relationship with God, or of talking to God.  We must strive to get our minds renewed in these end times.



God Wants People To Pray


God wants people to pray and Jesus set the example for us in His own prayers. Jesus’ resurrection provided an open door for us into God's presence. By believing in Jesus and His being in us, we are made righteous. It is through Jesus’ own righteousness that we are able to approach God and come into His presence. It is in his presence that whatever we ask in Jesus’ name, God will give it to us, because it is then that we will only ask for God’s will.  What an amazing promise.  It is important that in these end times we all diligently strive to internalize these truths.



Must Be In Jesus’ Name


A critical point for end times prayer is that our approach to God must be in Jesus’ name.  Before Jesus, men had always asked God for things directly, through a mediator – a priest - but no more. The death and resurrection instituted a new and living way into God's presence. Men must now approach God through Jesus Christ...


  • believing that the righteousness of Jesus covers them


  • asking God to accept their faith in Jesus as righteousness


  • thanking God for Jesus, His great love and sacrifice for them





There are two tremendous promises to the man who truly asks in Jesus’ name:


  • he will receive what he asks


  • his joy is full and complete


Jesus’ Name


In these end times, we must come back to the truth of the meaning of Jesus’ name.  In the days when the Bible was written a person’s name represented the kind of person they were to become.  Their name took on the meaning of the very essence of who they were. 


When we pray “In the Name of Jesus”, what we are saying is “in the power and authority of who Jesus is – His very essence”.  So to ask in Jesus’ name means we ask in the power, authority and essence of Jesus.


It is Jesus’ power and authority and essence that takes the prayer and does God’s will.  Our days in the end times will go much better when we understand the meaning of “Jesus’ name” in our prayers.



How We Pray


God is concerned about how we pray, and even more so in these last days because time is short.


What is end times prayer?  Is it possible to pray amiss, with the wrong motives, and in the wrong way? Is it possible to pray, but not be heard by God? Is it possible to pray and to be speaking only to ourselves?




When our prayers are for our own motives to be filled, our prayers go no higher in our own ears.


Therefore, Christ shows us what prayer is and sets out to teach us the right and the wrong motives for pray in Matthew 6:5-6.  The motives we hold deep in our heart are what God looks at. 


That important truth bears repeating: It is not just our words that God hears in prayers; it is the basic and true motives of our heart, our hidden agendas.


As we move deeper into these end times, it is particularly important to pray God’s will and God’s desires and not our own.



Right And Wrong Ways To Pray


Praying with the “wrong motives” or “praying amiss” will be covered in the article on “Unanswered Prayer.” Praying with the right motives will be discussed in the article on “How to Pray”.


In this series on end times prayer, we will also look at prayer from many different perspectives.  You will find here a treasure of articles on prayer that emphasize the need to recognize the end times in which we now live and are rapidly moving deeper into.

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