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How To Prepare For A Layoff

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How to Prepare for a Lay-off


In this end times report you can capitalize on the opportunity to make the career change you have only dreamed about as you prepare for a layoff.


It seems like every day brings yet another headline about impending corporate job cuts.


Unfortunately, in today’s world, no job is ever 100% secure. Layoffs have become standard operating procedure for many companies.


Nobody relishes the idea of becoming suddenly unemployed, but a layoff doesn’t have to be the end of the world. The key to minimizing the stress and negative fallout is to prepare now for the possibility of a pink slip.


In this day of downsizing, reorganizations and mergers this end times report helps you be ready, willing and able to embrace a layoff for what it really is – an opportunity to make at long last the career change you have been dreaming about and that God has put on your heart.


  1. First and foremost, God has a call on your life; that goes without saying.  Ask God to reveal to you if what you are doing is in His will for your life.
    1. If it is, follow the preparations listed below and prepare to stay in the same field.
    2. If it is not, follow the dream in your heart by retraining if necessary in small steps and in the mean time by following the steps below.


  1. Ask God if you are at the right place to fulfill the destiny, He has hidden in your heart and start taking action.


  1. Stay in the Game – First and foremost, never stop looking for new career opportunities – even if your current job feels comfortable and secure. You never know when your dream job might open up. Keep your resume updated and make sure that the right recruiters have your phone number. You should always have a passive job search in progress.


  1. Demonstrate Your Value – To increase your odds of hanging onto your current position, do whatever you can to show your boss the value that you provide.  This is no time to be modest.  Document your contributions.


  1. Don’t Take Any of It Personally – While it doesn’t hurt to demonstrate your value (see above), keep in mind that even the most valuable employees can be laid-off. Layoff decisions are based on many factors. Don’t waste time worrying about what might happen.  Direct your energy into plan B.


  1. Build Your Emergency Fund - Cut back on discretionary purchases and put as much of your paycheck into your emergency savings fund as you can.  Work to get out of debt.


  1. Do Your Research - Find out what kind of severance packages your company has offered in the past.


  1. Do Your Housekeeping - Often, when layoffs are announced, employees are rushed out the door and given little time to pack up and say goodbye. This is generally to prevent unpleasant scenes. However, if you think you might be facing a quick layoff in the near future, you’d be smart to pack up your important possessions in advance. Make copies of work samples, performance reviews, and other key documents. Make sure you have records of all of your contacts.


  1. Remember to Look on the Bright Side – This may be the key opportunity God is putting in front of you to fulfill your destiny and walk in His will for your life.  That is what this end times report is all about.

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