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End Times Practical Spiritual Warfare Part 1
As Viewed By A Reputable Educator And Ordained Minister

What is End Times Spiritual Warf

What is End Times Spiritual Warfare?


Basically, it is the increase in occurrences and intensification of the same old battle with Satan and his demons.  As we approach the last days Satan and his demons will increase the number and severity of attacks on believers.


Why?  Because Satan knows his time is short.


The Battle


The warfare is the struggles we, as true believers, go through to have life in this material world reflect God’s loving influence as much as possible.


The warfare is also the struggles we go through to fight temptation and to overcome our trials.


Satan wants us to fail and he wants us back from God because it will cut God's heart.


The spiritual warfare is called a war because there are forces working vigorously to thwart what God is doing. What He is doing in your life and mine as well as throughout the world is not done without a war for Christians.


God is in charge, but our enemy is in full-scale revolt, and that enemy has powerful influence all around.


As with the unseen God, the forces behind the revolt are unseen, nonphysical, and supernatural. They lust after power in the world of visible, material beings. Make no mistake my friend, it is us they lust to have power over.


Just because the battle is unseen in this end times spiritual warfare doesn’t mean it isn’t going on. It is - in every nook and cranny of our earthly existence.


In deciding to follow Christ, we believers accept the rulership of Christ in our life (That is what’s met when Jesus is called Lord – his authority and rule).


This NEW YOU yields “all of yourself” to Jesus, but the OLD YOU – our human fleshly nature - doesn’t like it one bit.


You know what happens then - with his temptations Satan jumps all over the resistance of the old self, the old habits, the old lifestyle, the old hunger for pleasures.


So the battle is on in these last days and the devil can cause us to wonder if we really are sold out to Jesus Christ.


Our Strongholds


Strongholds in end times spiritual warfare are made up of deeply rooted thought patterns that are dominated by our three main enemies, which are:

  • Worldly Thinking
  • Fleshly Habits
  • Satanic Influences


A stronghold can be defined as accepting as unchangeable those things we know are contrary to the will of God.  The last days spiritual warfare  is intense in convincing us that the struggles with old habits and beliefs are simply unchangeable.


As you can see, the Battle takes place in the mind. (See: Satan …. It Is Written!)



Our Enemies


There is an on-going end times spiritual warfare against the human race by our enemies in this world. The enemies of the world against the human race are:


  • The Flesh
  • The lust of the eyes
  • The lust of the flesh
  • The pride of life
  • The World


Satan and his demons, or fallen angles are our end times spiritual warfare enemies that use our enemies of the world against us and accuse us and cause us to doubt and feel guilty.


The Key Purpose of Our Enemies


  • The overriding purposes of these above three enemies of mankind are:


  • Causing Christians to be ineffective – in all kind of ways.


  • Keeping non-Christians from coming into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • Cutting and breaking the heart of God.


  • Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy.

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