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End Times Practical Spiritual Warfare Part 5
Common Sins Related To The World, The Flesh and Satan

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End times spiritual warfare combats that which is intricately woven with sins that Satan uses to accuse us before the Lord and to place quilt and accusation on us.


The sins listed below are a combination of those from the end times spiritual warfare identified in parts 2, 3, and 4 of this series.


These are sins almost as old as mankind but give particular attention to how there has been and increase in intensity and frequency in our season of life.  This is to be expected because the Bible tells us this will happen as we enter into the last days.


You will find the term “end times” placed in odd places in this listing.  Please do not be side tracked by it – it is necessary to please the search engines.



Adultery: sexual unfaithfulness to husband or wife. It is also looking on a woman or a man to lust after her or him. Looking at and lusting after the opposite sex whether in person, magazines, books, on beaches or anywhere else is adultery. Imagining and lusting within the heart is the very same as committing the act.  All these sins will increase in frequency and intensity in the end times.


Fornication: a broad word including all forms of immoral and sexual acts. It is pre-marital sex and adultery; it is abnormal sex, all kinds of sexual vice.


Uncleanness: moral impurity; doing things that dirty, pollute, and soil life.


Lasciviousness: filthiness, indecency, shamelessness. A chief characteristic of the behavior is open and shameless indecency. It means unrestrained evil thoughts and behavior.


Idolatry: the worship of idols, whether mental or made by man's hands; the worship of some idea of what God is like, of an image of God within a person's mind; the giving of one's primary devotion (time and energy) to something other than God.


Witchcraft: sorcery; the use of drugs or of evil spirits to gain control over the lives of others or over one's own life. In the present context, it would include all forms of seeking the control of one's fate including astrology, palm reading, séances, fortune telling, crystals, and other forms of witchcraft.


Note: these sins have always been around but there has been a tremendous increase in our generation, which there is great evidence that this is the entry of the end times.


Hatred (echthrai): enmity, hostility, animosity. It is the hatred that lingers and is held for a long time - a hatred that is deep within.


Variance (ereis): strife, discord, contention, fighting, struggling, quarreling, dissension, wrangling. It means that a man strives against another person in order to get something: position, promotion, property, honor, recognition. He deceives, doing whatever has to be done to get what he is after.  This will increase as we get deeper into the end times.


Emulations (zeloi): Coveting, wanting and desiring to have what someone else has. It may be material things, recognition, honor, or position.


Wrath (thumoi): indignation; a violent, explosive temper; anger; quick and explosive reactions that arise from stirred and boiling emotions. But it is anger which fades away just as quickly as it arose. It is not anger that lasts.


Strife (eritheiai): conflict, struggle, fight, contention, faction, dissension; a party spirit, a cliquish spirit.


Note also that not only have these sins increased in number, they have also increased in intensity in these end times.


Seditions (dichostasiai): division, rebellion, standing against others, splitting off from others.


Heresies (aireseis): rejecting the fundamental beliefs of God, Christ, the Scriptures, and the church; believing and holding to some teaching other than the truth.


Envying (phthonoi): this word goes beyond jealousy. It is the spirit...
• that wants not only the things that another person has, but begrudges the fact that the person has them.
• that wants a person to lose the things he has, and wants him to suffer through the loss of them.


Murders (phonoi): to kill, to take the life of another person. Murder is sin against the sixth commandment.


Drunkenness (methai): taking drink or drugs to affect one's senses for lust or pleasure; becoming tipsy or intoxicated; partaking of drugs; seeking to loosen moral restraint for bodily pleasure.


Note that the end times has been going on for some time now, however the signs are increasing rapidly of the soon coming of Jesus.  There will be other pages on this web site that will address the rapture and the coming of Christ as it is revealed in the book of Revelation.


Reveling (komoi): carousing; uncontrolled license, indulgence, and pleasure; taking part in wild parties or in drinking parties; lying around indulging in feeding the lusts of the flesh.


Evil Thoughts: thoughts and imaginations and ideas and concepts that are base, wrong, wicked, immoral, unjust, reprehensible; thoughts that are not what they should be; thoughts that are not moral, clean and pure; thoughts that are not just and equitable; thoughts that are not uplifting and edifying; thoughts that are not spiritual, but carnal. Evil thoughts are a sin against all the commandments (Exodus 20:1f)


Thefts: to cheat and steal; to take wrongfully from another person, either legally or illegally.


Wickedness: to be depraved, to be actively evil, to do mischief, to trouble others and cause harm, to be malicious, to be dangerous and destructive. It is malice, hatred, and ill-will. It is an active wickedness, a desire within the heart to do harm and to corrupt people. It is actually pursuing others in order to seduce them or to harm them.


Deceit: to bait, to snare, to mislead, to beguile, to be crafty and deceitful, to mislead or give a false impression by word, act, or influence. It is conniving and twisting the truth to get one's own way. A man plots and deceives, doing whatever has to be done in order to get what he wants.


Note that end times spiritual warfare is what we need to be aware of in everyday practical activities and it is not hooting, hollering, and shouting at the devil and kicking him around.  Some people involved in end times spiritual try to do just that and it is silly.  The devil is real, and if we give him a foothold through emotion, we are the ones who become defeated – simply by everything going wrong in our life.  Jesus has handled Satan at the Cross; we simply must stay focused on Jesus and that is the end times spiritual warfare in our mind.


Evil Eye: to look where one should not; to lust after what one should not; to envy, covet, crave and desire by looking; to use the eye in an evil way; to satisfy one's lusts and desires by looking.


Blasphemy: to slander, insult, revile, speak evil of God or man.


Pride: self-exaltation, conceit, arrogance, haughtiness, putting oneself above others, looking down upon others, scorn, contempt. It means to lift one's head above another, to hold contempt for another, to compare oneself with others. Pride can be hidden in the heart as well as openly displayed. God resists the proud (James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5; Proverbs 3:24).


Foolishness: moral senselessness, folly, recklessness, thoughtlessness. It is a man who acts foolishly in morals and duty, behavior and thought.

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