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End Times Practical Spiritual Warfare Part 7
The Position Of Satan And His Demons Since The Cross

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End Times Spiritual Warfare With Satan And/Or His Demons


This is the easiest kind of end times spiritual warfare you can have. Jesus Christ defeated Satan with His death at the Cross, and by His resurrection. If you are a true believer neither Satan nor his demons can violate your will.


According to James 4:7 we, as true believers, are told tosubmit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. This was not necessarily the case before Satan’s defeat at the Cross, before Christ took all authority from Satan.


Since the Cross the obedient man is able to defeat Satan and his demons in the end times spiritual warfare of the mind by faith, and by simply knowing he does not have to shout at, and threaten the demons with his sword; all he has to do is resist and tell Satan and his demons to leave.



End Times Spiritual Warfare And The Position Of Satan Since The Cross


Before their defeat by Jesus at the cross Satan and his demons had all authority on earth. Satan is called the ruler of the demons; the demons are fallen angels that fell with Satan.


Before their defeat at the cross, demons were said to enter into the body of a person to irritate and torment him with diseases.


Also, a person was believed to be possessed by a demon when he suffered from some exceptionally severe disease or acted and spoke as though mad.


Today, the unfortunate thing is that most people still attribute that same kind of power to Satan and his demons.



Something Very Special Happened At The Cross


People do not understand that something very special happened at the cross – all rule and authority that Satan took from Adam when Adam sinned was taken back by Jesus Christ.



Now Satan cannot violate the free will of the true believer as long as the believer knows and believes that.


The end times spiritual warfare is Satan and his demons attempting to entice and deceive. Lack of knowledge is the cause of many obedient Christians slipping back and becoming "professing worldly Christians" living the way the world lives.


Their end times spiritual warfare battle is being lost to Satan and his demons and most do not even know it.


My prayer for you is that this information will help you recognize the schemes of Satan and his demons so you can simply say to them "I don't want you here and if you don't leave now I am going to tell Jesus you are violating my free will that he died on the cross for."


The Bible has a lot to say about Satan and his demons both before the cross and in the lives of people who were alive both before and after the cross.


Because we read so much about the impact of Satan on the lives of people before the cross many people today misunderstand the authority received from Jesus, authority that allows us to withstand the wiles of the devil, and to not tolerate Satan or his demons violating our will.


Too many people, including pastors, still believe Satan has the same authority today as he did before the Cross. They believe Satan can still torment them today.


When they believe that Satan still has this power they, in fact, have unwittingly given Satan and his demons permission to violate their will. Satan himself is the author of this great deception in the lives of people today.


To do effective end times spiritual warfare with Satan and his demons all we have to do is know, understand and walk in God’s truth.


esus Christ truly did defeat Satan at the Cross, but we must truly know that in our heart and not just logically in our head. When we walk in faith knowing the truth that Satan is defeated and cannot violate us, then Satan can truly have no part of us.


I hope to impart that truth to you today. That truth will make it possible for you to be empowered by Christ and by what He has done for us.


Satan and his demons are still active in this world and impact non-believers and baby Christians who do not know their authority in Christ.


The fact that we see evidence of the work of Satan and his demons in our experience and we know that Satan is alive and well, which he is, many believe his deceptions and lies and become defeated.


However, his lies and deceptions have no impact on the mature believer in Christ because they know and believe the truth and their end times spiritual warfare is strong.


Satan is relentless and will continually try to deceive us and cause us to fall so we must never let our guard down in the end times spiritual warfare of being alert to his tactics.


When pondering the question “What is end times spiritual warfare”, we must keep in mind that all we need to do is submit to God and resist the devil in the full power and authority of Jesus Christ.


Many blessings to you my friend.  If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me by the contact form on this site.


Remember, those of us who are true believers will be in the hands of our Lord.  As we travel rapidly into the end times last days Satan will be even more destructive in the world and we will be indirectly impacted by many of those ways – for example, the economic down turn in the world today. 


Be encouraged and continue to do the work of the Lord and begin to make preparations for leaving this world for our home in heaven – be sure your loved ones are ready to go with you for we will soon be raptured from this world in the not to distant future.

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