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End Times Practical Spiritual Warfare Part 8
Some End Times Myths About Deliverance

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Some End Times Myths About Deliverance



There are end times myths about deliverance that have been a hindrance for the church. Because the church has considered these myths as true they become a sourse of spiritual warfare more and more as we enter the last days.


The church must get ready for the last days harvest promised in the Bible; but for the church to be able to help set people free, the people in the church must first be free. 


This is a profound truth!


The truth is many church people think that because they believe in Christ they are free; this is a dangerous place to be and is part of the myths holding the church back.  Even when we have salvation, we still have bondages, strongholds and faulty thinking.


The first battleground is in the minds of men.  Demons have sown questions, doubts and fears that become hindrances to our involvement in this vital, biblical ministry of deliverance.


If we are truly servants of the Lord, then we are not to question what the Lord has spoken in His word for us to do.  Servants obey.  When the Word of God tells us to lay our hands on the sick, so they will get well, we are to obey.


I want to deal with a few of those misunderstandings and myths about deliverance for you in the rest of this article.



  1. Fear And Terror At The Mention Of Demons, Devil Or Deliverance – 1st End Times Myth About Deliverance. 


The Christian should look at his resources and know he is stronger than the enemy. 


Light dispels darkness.  Fear and terror will leave when people embrace the truth.  Faith overcomes fear.  (Romans 10:17)



  1. Unbelief: There Is No Such Thing As The Devil Or Demons – 2nd  End Times Myth About Deliverance.


There are many wrong concepts of the devil that have been programmed by the world.  The Bible is filled with truth about Satan and demons spirits.



  1. Demons Are Real, But Too Powerful For Us To Confront – 3rd End Times Myth About Deliverance. 


We must not think that the devil is void of power and weapons, yet we must not think of him as having unlimited access into our lives. 


The devil can do no more than he is allowed to do.  He must work through accusation, deception and temptation. 


Jesus defeated Satan through the cross and the resurrection.  We are seated with Christ and have power over the devil (Ephesians 1:18-2:7).



  1. Deliverance Is Valid; However, It Should Be Left To The Experts – 4th End Times Myth About Deliverance


Who is an expert?  If one thinks deliverance is for experts then he should set himself to become one. 


Jesus expects all believers to cast out demons (Matt. 12:30).  Christ’s commission is given to the Church.  Mark 16:17 says that those who believe shall cast out demons.



  1. Christians Cannot Have Demons – 5th End Times Myth About Deliverance. 


The Bible makes no distinction between believers and unbelievers having demons; the reason is that both can.  When demons are cast out of a person, the “house” must be filled (Matt. 12:43-45).  How could an unbeliever fill his house?  He is void of spiritual resources.



  1. Demons Have No Activity In Civilized Countries.  They Are Active Only In Remote Countries Where Witchcraft And Idolatry Prevail – 6th Myth About Deliverance. 


There are many activities of demons other than witchcraft and the occult. 


This is one of Satan’s deceptions; as long as one thinks he is too intelligent or cultured or sophisticated to be demonized, he is blind to how demons gain entrance and how they function.



  1. Deliverance Glorifies The Devil.  We Should Keep Our Mind On Jesus – 7th  Myth About Deliverance. 


This sound good but the reasoning is false.  The Bible does not teach us to ignore the devil but to confront, resist, wrestle, stand against and cast him out. 


Jesus is glorified when we are engaged in spiritual warfare because we are exalting His Name, His precious blood and His Word.  We often do battle using praise and worship, and Satan gets no glory through being defeated.  All glory goes to Christ who is stronger.


  1. Jesus Did It All For Us.  We Don’t Need To Fight – 8th End Times Myth About Deliverance. 


The devil would like for us to adopt this position.  It would mean that he could work against us without challenge. 


Agreed, a person can become too demon conscious and really turn others off; however, we make a mistake if we permit the few radicals to hinder our own understanding. 


We are to be Jesus conscious, and rejoice because our names are written in heaven.



When we can dispel the myths about deliverance and open our eyes to how we can be set free, we in turn will be able to help prepare the Church to provide for the desperate needs of those lost souls during the final harvest.

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