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End Times Truth
The Belt Of Truth The Believer
Is To Put On

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The end times truth is part of the Ephesians 6  armor that represents the Belt of TRUTH the believer is to put on.


Paul was in prison and under constant guard when writing the Ephesians church. He was forced to stare at the soldier's armor day in and day out. He had an ideal picture of the armor needed by the Christian believer to combat the forces of evil.


The soldier's armor that Paul looked at day in and day out represented for him what the Belt of Truth for the Christian believer should represent.  As the battle of living a holy life increases in intensity as we move into the latter days there is an even greater need to understand the belt of truth.



The End Times Truth.

The belt was used to hold the soldier's clothing next to his body. This kept his clothing from flapping about and allowed him freedom of movement. The belt was also used to strengthen and support the body and it helped hold the breastplate in place.



End Times Truth From God.

The sign of the Christian soldier today is the end times truth. God and God alone can possess and give enough pure truth to embrace all men. God alone can share the truth of abundant and eternal life for these end times truth we must have.



End Times Truth From man.


God's truth in these end times is not truth individually or subjectively thought out by the individual.


God's truth in these end times is not truth as any man or any group of men see it.


God's truth in these end times is not truth that is found in any man's novel idea.


God's truth in these end times is not truth that is taught by denominational religion.


All such end times truth is self-centered and restrictive. Such truth is only from finite man—a being so small, so impure, and so frail that he cannot possibly discover enough truth to embrace all men. He cannot discover enough truth to bring life to man, not eternal life.


This has always been so, however, in the end times in which we are entering man is more inclined toward self-centeredness and confidence in his own knowledge.


The end times brings with it a much more intensification of man’s perverted truth.  So it is imperative we have more understanding of God’s end times truth in these last days.



What specifically is the end times truth?

What is God's  end times truth that the believer is to put on?


First, Christ is the truth. The believer is to put on Christ. What does this really mean?


It means that a man in Christ has been regenerated, renewed, and born again. He is a man who has become spiritually minded. He is a new man created by Christ. His inner man has been given a holy nature and an incorruptible life. He is opposed to the old man with a corrupt nature. He is a man who is...

·  in fellowship with God.

·  obedient to God's will.

·  devoted to God's service.


The person is made into a new kind of person—a new man in God, a person with a new inner man that is spirit. Every person can begin life all over again with a new inner man or inner spirit; every person can have a new beginning, a new life by coming to Jesus Christ.


How is this possible?


By the power of God.


When a person believes in God's Son, the Lord Jesus Christ—that is really and truly believes and entrusts his life into the hands of Jesus Christ—God creates the new inner man, the new spirit of the person in righteousness and true holiness.


God takes the faith of the person and credits it as the righteousness of Jesus Christ.


God actually credits the person's faith as the perfect righteousness and holiness of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the person stands before God in the righteousness and holiness of Jesus Christ.



Isn’t this amazing stuff!


This is not all that God does.


He does more marvelous things for the believer—all having to do with creating the believer into a new person, a new inner man.

  1. God quickens the spirit of the believer and makes his spirit alive. Whereas the believer's spirit was dead to God, God creates it and makes it alive to God.
  2. God causes the believer to be born again spiritually.
  3. God actually places His divine nature into the heart of the believer. NOTE: the heart is not the muscle in the persons chest; it is the inner man of the person.
  4. God actually creates a new man out of the believer.
  5. God renews the believer by the Holy Spirit.


Second, the Word of God is truth. The believer is to put on the Word of God. He is sanctified (made holy) by the Word of God.


Third, the Holy Spirit guides and prompts us by prompting our inner man through our conscience to speak and live a life of truthfulness.  This is the truth.



Truth does several things for the Christian soldier in the end times.

  1. It keeps him from flapping about from one thing to another, from being tossed to and fro by every attack of the enemy.
  2. It keeps him from becoming entangled with the affairs of this life.
  3. It supports him in the battles and trials of life.

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