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End Times Explained

The term end times can have seve

The term end times can have several meanings. Here we get a definition for this web site as well as links for explaining important information.


This web site is here to help prepare us for the season we are entering into.


Here we talk about “entering into” because we believe we are not into the tribulation period yet, but that it is possible at any time.


The predominate Christian definition of the end of time refers to the seven year time period of the tribulation that precedes the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Judaism and Islam have their own interpretation of the end of time, but on this web site, we deal only with the Christian interpretation and belief.


Specifically, what is usually referred to as the "end of time" revolves around a cluster of beliefs held by  Christians in the coming seven year tribulation, the return of Christ and the 1,000 year reign of peace while Satan is locked up for that period of time.


Bible prophecy, most notably from The book of Daniel, book of Ezekiel, book of 1st Thessalonians and the book of Revelation are a few of the prophecies  that detail Christian eschatology (the study of the last, or final matters of the world).


AS you can well imagine there are many different opinions in these eschatology matters.  The best approach is to have scripture interpret scripture which is the approach taken on this web site.  There exist many strong opinions that differ so allowing scripture to interpret itself is the only reasonable approach the common, everyday person can take.


This web site “End Times Preparation” is designed to prepare us now for that which is to come. The signs of the last days are all around us and we must pay attention to what God is showing us.


For example, my wife and I live on a retirement income.  We know that in these trying economic times we must prepare for the likelihood that our retirement system may go bust and we would be left with no income;  even if we could find jobs in a down economy we are past working age.


My wife and I are making plans now for such an eventuality – we do not intend to be unprepared mentally, physically or spiritually.


How about you?  Don’t be caught unprepared; this is only prudent in light of God’s Word about the signs of the end season.  His word tells us we cannot know the day or hour BUT we can know the season and we are told to watch for the season.  The signs of that season are here.


Several articles addressing our preparation are linked here as well as others below.


          Is there really an end times?


          How do we know?


          How near is it?

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