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Signs Of End Times
Recognizing Signs Of End Times

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Recognizing Signs Pointing to the End Times



The signs of end times we see today point to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Also, the signs we see today do not point directly to the rapture of the church.


For example, if we see signs pointing to Christmas we know that Thanksgiving is even closer. In the same way, when we see signs pointing to the second coming of Jesus and we know that the rapture will take place before Jesus returns, then we know that the rapture is even closer then the return of Christ.


So, what are some of the specific signs to point to the Lord's soon return?


The signs of the end times that point to the Lord's soon return are plentiful; in fact, they are everywhere and as one person has said. "I am no longer looking for signs; I am listening for the sounds!"


What is a prophetic sign?


Basically, it is a prophecy concerning either a historical events, or a technological development that will characterize a future time.  There were Messianic signs pointing to the first coming of Jesus Christ and there are prophetic signs pointing to His second coming.


It is the second set of signs of the end times pointing to Jesus’ second coming that we will be discussing here.


One of the most important signs pointing to the second coming of Christ has been fulfilled and that is the re-establishment of the nation of Israel. 


Isaiah 11:10-12; Ezekiel 37:1-12; Amos 9:13-15 and Zechariah 12::1-3 prophesy that in the last days, right before the return of the Lord, the nation of Israel would be re-established – that happened in May of 1948.


In Matthew 24:34 Jesus said that the generation that saw the re-establishment of Israel would not pass away before all the prophetic signs were fulfilled His second coming.  The problem for us today is there is little agreement on how long a generation is.  Some say 40 years – but 40 years has passed since Israel was re-established; some say 70 years; some say 80 years and some say 100 years.


No matter, if God had wanted us to know He would have made it clear.  If we knew exactly, or even close, many people would put off doing what God wants them to do until the last minute – and then it would be to late for many people.


The point is, it is close, the rapture of the church will precede the second coming of Christ; our job is to be ready by doing kingdom work now and watching the signs.


A Brief Overview Of Some Of The Signs Of End Times


The book of Revelation shows us that the sign will increase in number and intensity the closed we get to the second coming. 


The problem for us is we see an increase in number and intensity in many of these signs today, but we have no way of knowing just how much worse these signs can become.


Signs Of End Times In Nature

(Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8; and Luke 21:11)








Signs of the heavens (unusual weather, new discoveries in space, etc.)



Signs Of End Times In Society.

(Matthew 24:12, 37-39; second Timothy 3:1-4).



















Spiritual Signs Of End Times


False Christs and prophets and their cultic groups (Matthew 24:5, 11, 2-4; Mark 13:6, 21-22; and Luke 21:8),


Apostasy in the professing church (second Thessalonians 2:3; and second Timothy 3:5, 4:3-4),


Widespread heresy and the church (second Timothy 4:1-4)


Persecution of true believers (Matthew 24:9-10; Mark 13:9, 11-13; and Luke 21:12-19).


Worldwide evangelism (Matthew 24:14 and Mark 13:10).


Understanding of Bible prophecy (Daniel 12:4, 8-9).



World Political Signs Of End Times


Arab hostility towards Israel (easy field 35:1-36:7).


Russia as a menacing power to Israel (EC keel 38:1-39:16).


Asian nations capable of fielding an army of 200 million (revelation 9:15-16 and 16:12).


Wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:6-7; Mark 13:7-8; and Luke 21:10)


Reunification of Europe (Daniel 2:41-44, 7:8, 24-25, and 9:26).


Movement towards a one world economy (Revelation 18).



Technical Signs Of End Times


Nuclear weapons (Matthew 24:22; Luke 21:25-26; and Revelation 6:8, 8:7 and 16:2)


Television and satellite transmission Revelation 11:3-12).


Robotics (Revelation 13:14-15).


Computer and laser technology (Revelation 13:16-18).


High-speed transportation (Daniel 12:4)



Accelerator Signs Of End Times


Population explosion (revelation 9:15-16 and 16:12).


Increase in knowledge (Daniel 12:4)


Increase in violence (Matthew 24:12)


Increase in transportation (Daniel 12:4)


Rapid disintegration of society (first Timothy 3:1-4).


Signs in general to be like birth pangs, that is, increasing in frequency and intensity (Matthew 24:8).



Signs Of End Times and Israel


Read gathering of the people (Isaiah 11:10-12 and EC keel 37:1-12).


Re-establishment of the state (Isaiah 66:7-8; Zachariah 12:1-6; and Matthew 24:32-35).


Reclamation of the land (Isaiah 35:1-2,7 and Ezekiel 36:34-35)


Revival of the language (Zephaniah 3:9)


Resurgence of the military (Zachariah 12:6).


Refocusing of world politics (Zachariah 12:2-3).


Re-occupation of Jerusalem (Zachariah 12:2-6).





Jesus said that when we see all of these signs come together, he will be "right at the door," ready to return (acts 224:33). God is providing the warning signs, and Jesus is eagerly waiting for his father's command to return soon for his bride.

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