Practical Spiritual Warfare
Preparing Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally
For The End Times Season

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Practical Spiritual Warfare

Preparing Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally
For The End Times


 PREPARATION For The Practical Spiritual warfare of the END TIMES


How To Become Prepared Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally For The Coming Season



Purpose of this Web Site


The purpose of this web site is to present clear-cut information on being prepared for the times in which we live spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  Practical, down to earth information and approaches are discussed and presented, dealing with our everyday spiritual warfare required to get through the day in the times in which we live.


If you have ever wondered what in the world is going on in society and the world this is the place to find some answers.


The site helps answer real questions in people’s minds and hearts about what is going on in our world and it gives information about major concerns for these times in which we live.


This site also helps us see what we need to be doing now in anticipation of what is coming as we enter into this end times season.


My qualifications to speak on this subject are clearly laid out before you atABOUT THE AUTHOR (see menu) and in general at the end of this page so that you will have confidence in my right to speak on these topics.



The Rapture


Here you will get straight talk.  God has said that His people perish for lack of knowledge. 


This site provides information, knowledge, wisdom and understanding so you are not left behind when the rapture takes place. It gives practical, everyday spiritual warfare help in understanding what is going on in our lives.



What If You Miss The Rapture?


And If you do get left behind at the rapture this site will be your guide for what will be happening during the end times and your guidance on how you can still come into God’s kingdom for eternity.



Site Objective:  Invaluable, Quality Content


It is my intent to help prepare people for this very special season we live in as we begin to enter into the last days.  You will find here a very practical, common sense approach to living in today’s world and still making sense of what God is doing today so we will be prepared for tomorrow.


My intent is to provide invaluable, quality content - information that will be of use to those who want to understand the practical, everyday spiritual warfare and are searching for answers; it is also for those who want to know what in the world is going on in our society and world today.


There are some real doom and gloom web sites out there on the end times that sensationalize their material; I cannot understand their reasons for sensationalizing.  You will not find that here.


I am following my passion on this web site to help prepare us all for the end times and the soon return of Jesus, and practical, everyday spiritual warfare is a part of that preparation.



The Belief Driving This Web Site


I personally believe there is an excellent chance I will be around to see the ushering in of the tribulation. 


My heart’s desire is to provide a web site with information desperately needed to prepare us all for living in these troubled times.  We will see more and more of the freedoms we have cherished, but taken for granted, begin to disappear.


Here is a source of information for those who are confronted with everyday spiritual warfare as well as those who are left behind at the rapture and will need to be prepared for the wrath that is coming in the great tribulation so they may still enter God’s kingdom.


Do you have loved ones who are not yet in God’s kingdom?  If so, be sure to direct them to this web site.


I am open to communication and questions so please feel free to avail yourself to the comment contact forms found on this site.


As we move closer and closer into the end times it is critical that the questions on this site, and the thoughts people have, be addressed and answered.



Best Way To Explore This Web Site


The best way to explore this web site is with the SITE MAP in the left menu.  The SITE MAP not only shows the main topics which are listed on the menu but also the sub articles to that topic.  Since this web site does not yet have menu drop-down capabilities, this sub topic information is essential for ease in locating articles you may be interested in



Qualifications to speak on this subject


No one can say they have experience living in the end times, however, there are a few of us who are uniquely prepared to understand the times in which we live and therefore are able to anticipate what needs to be done now to prepare.


It is my desire that you feel safe and secure with me and with the information I provide, so I am laying out my qualifications and experience for you to judge for yourself.


Below I have given a brief description of my qualifications to speak on the subjects addressed on this web site in the paragraph below.


I am a professional Educator and Pastor; also, I am a Board Certified Christian Counselor and a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor - certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors. 


I have retired several times.  I have been a high school social studies teacher, a high school principal, a Christian School Superintendent, a pastor and currently am president of a mega-church ministry called Mission Miami Valley. 


I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of education, Bible studies and teaching, city-reaching evangelism, pulpit ministry, prison ministry, pastoral counseling and inner city outreach.  My studies have focused on the Book of Revelation and the onset of the end times.  This all makes me a valuable resource for the season in which we now live.



About the Author


My name is D. Vincent (Bud) Ford, Ph.D., BCCC, BCPC.  That is my official name and title but I prefer to go by Bud.


I have provided more in-depth information on my qualifications and experience that can be found at the menu under “About the Author”.


I definitely have my feet planted firmly on the ground and am a no-nonsense, common sense, straight talker.  I have experienced what works and what does not; I have experienced the gut wrenching heart issues involved with humanity and have developed a sensitivity to human relations and the hurt and pain of life.  In short, I have a “been there and done that” base of experience.


I have told you all this to establish that I am not just some inexperienced crackpot with no foundation for the information I am presenting to you on this web site.  I desire to share what I have learned, experienced and know from wisdom.

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