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End Times Spiritual Warfare Information
For Practical Everyday Use




Providing practical end times spiritual warfare information for everyday use is the purpose of this article. 


This particular page serves as introduction to the more detailed articles in this series; links appear at the bottom leading to the other articles in this series.


The overall theme of this website is preparing for the end times and provides it information on the times in which we live as it relates to the last days before the coming of Jesus Christ. A part of the site’s theme is the sequence of events from the present and leading up to the return of Christ.


Last days warfare should not be some mysterious activity that only radical and emotional religious people practice.


Last Days Warfare Happens Everyday 


Warfare takes place every day, in our everyday life. It is something that happens for most of us without any awareness at all. 


What The Warfare IS


When we experience inner hurt or have broken relationships, or when we experience pain in the depths of our heart, we are facing a spiritual battle that will intensify in the last days and that has to be won to keep from becoming negative, resentful or worse. Solid information is essential to win these battles.


The enemy will try to set up situations to drag us down in the spiritual battles. A key battle we face is to stay positive, upbeat and focused on Christ.


When you go somewhere such as to work, and that place has a negative spiritual climate and the attitudes of people are negative or even hostile, you know how uncomfortable and unpleasant that kind of environment is.


Negative climates like the above will intensify as we get further into the last days and we need warfare information.


What The Warfare is NOT

Last days warfare is not shouting and hollering threats at demons or waving swords or flags or marching around sanctuaries or buildings. It is not emotionally demanding that Satan or his demons to do what we command them to do.  Practical spiritual warfare information will be a guide for us when we encounter some of the crazy stuff out there.


Because the above has happened all to often, last days warfare has taken a bad rap.


When we are tempted to eat too much or do other things that we should not do, we are engaged in warfare, whether we know it or not – that is why we need sound, practical warfare information


Those things that cause for us the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life have been set up for us by the enemy. Just as Satan and his demons used these very same areas to tempt Christ in the desert, so he uses them to temp us.


The Battlefield Of The Mind


The battlefield of the mind is where the spiritual warfare takes place and it will increase in the future.


Our minds need to be renewed; we can’t expect everyone else to change and not us. When our mind is renewed, we can better influence others with our positive attitude.


When enough people renew their minds and have positive attitudes in a hostile environment, eventually critical mass is reached and the environment will change. 


The following articles will provide needed spiritual warfare information for everyday practical end times spiritual warfare (ET SW):


  • ET SW1 - part 1,
  • ET SW2 – part 2
  • deliverance myths,
  • Satan.


Websites That Demonstrate Practical, Everyday Spiritual Warfare


Related information is provided at the links below giving practical, everyday examples:


A website where spiritual warfare takes place every day is seen in families withAutistic children.


The websiteAn Unseen World explores the spiritual realm.


Christian Connections shows how to live a lifestyle for God.



Blessings and be sure to check the related articles on the links below.  If you have any questions or comments be sure to use the contact web form to communicate with me.

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