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The End Of Time
Preparing For the Difficult Times

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The end of time as we know it may come in our lifetime; we must be prepared for the difficulties, especially emergency food storage.


As we enter into these last days we will see more and more difficulties and with increased intensity.  There will be natural disasters, unusual weather patterns, acts of terrorism and political and economic difficulties.


It is hard to anticipate what will happen or when.  For us today, we simply need to understand that our comfortable way of life could be disrupted.  Then what?  We need to be preparing for difficult times now.



For example, the power grid may go out for an extended period of time.  It could happen because of natural disasters or terrorism.  It has already happened from natural disasters in some areas.


Since we can expect unusual difficulties as we enter the end of time you will find here some instructions on how to prepare for and emergency food storage.


It is a challenge sometimes to come up with a way to prepare for difficult times. This may include losing a job, natural disasters, or any other difficulty that makes it difficult to find or keep food.


Here are some things you will need to store.  Try to have enough stored to last your family two to three months.


Bottle water – lots of it

Dried potatoes

powdered milk

canned fruit juice

white rice

canned food - meats, soups, vegetables, pastas, etc.

dry cereal

sugar, salt

portable radio, batteries, flashlights

Sterno cooking heat cans and/or small propane cooking stove


Make sure that you have food that you really like to eat. You want to have food like rice if you are a big rice eater. If you like canned vegetables than you should include those. The main thing is that you want food that you will be able to eat if you didn't have any other food source.


Recognize how much you and your family will eat over a several month period of time. Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of food to last during that time period. You can use dried foods, canned foods, and anything that you feel will last you a while.


This way you won't starve when times are tough. You need to keep an eye on the food and as the food is there for a period of time before expiration you want to eat the food; then add new purchased food to your storage. You want to do this so that you will have good food to last you until you need it in an emergency.


These steps of preparation will come in handy as we enter into the end of time in these latter days when nature, the government, the economy and worldwide terrorism are all uncertain.


This is not a time of doom and gloom or a time to expect the end of the world, however, it is a time to prepare for the end of time as we have known it.


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