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The End Times
How To Make A Household Budget

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The end times we are entering demand we tighten our belt and budget our household income and expenses.  Here is a simple way to get started for those millions who have never made out the household budget.


It is amazing to me to the large number of people who do not make out a simple budget.  It not only is a necessity for the end times we are entering but it can also be fun and helps us prepare for the economic downturn and lay-offs not only in America, but also across the world.


In an internet search for how to budget, there was very complicated processes given to prepare a budget with terms and directions that would be discouraging to even those sophisticated in budget preparation.


For a personal household budget, it just needs to be simple so you know what income is coming in and how you are letting it go out.  It is the “how you are letting it out” that is the key.  This is the part that surprises so many people who do not budget.


It is amazing how the money just slips away without your knowing where it went.  As we enter deeper and deeper into the end times and the economy becomes more and more of an issue now is the time to begin preparing and learning how to budget yourself.



Follow These Simple Steps to Prepare Your Budget


  1. First, get yourself a small note pad that you can carry with you.


  1. Every time you make a purchase note the date, cost and item.  Even if it is a nickel or dime (or more!) for a parking meter. 


  1. At the end of the month transfer your data to an 8 ½ X 12 tablet and list your items together in categories.  For example, groceries, gas, coffee, candy, pop, rent, phone bill, utilities, entertainment, etc. (whatever categories you have in your lifestyle).


  1. Record your amounts in a horizontal line across the page: date, dollar amount and item description.


  1. During the same month, record all you income.  You can put this in a separate column to the far right on your tablet.


  1. Add you money columns.


  1. Review both documents to see if there are any large or unusual income amounts or any large expense amounts that would not normally happen in a month. If there are, lower them to a normal amount or don’t record them, if they will give you a wrong idea of what a normal month’s income or expenses are. Some of your expenses might come less often than monthly, such as car insurance, which usually comes every six months. In that case, set aside the monthly equivalent, even though you won’t send the money away until the bill comes.


  1. Look to make sure the Grand Total of the Income Tracker is larger than the Grand Total of the Expense Tracker. If it’s not, then somehow you are spending more than you are re­ceiving, and that doesn’t work!! So you will have to reduce some of those individual col­umn amounts in the Expense Tracker to a smaller “spending goal.”


  1. Be sure to look at the total for each category, for example $40.00 for entertainment and write that total amount in a column off beside your group of categories items for entertainment.  Do that for each group of items.


  1. Look over your spending in the different categories you have created.  Do you need to cut expenses?  Where can you cut?  You must make decisions on how you are going to spend.


  1. Be sure you mark down every penny you spend in your little note pad.  In a few months, you will begin to refine this simple method to fit you.


  1. If it looks like you are going to run out of money before the month is over, then you have to cut back on your expenses so you don’t run out. You cannot go over. You cannot spend money you do not have!!


  1. At the end of the month, analyze how you did. Did you record every transaction? Then see if you need to or want to change any of the budget numbers in a category, or just be more careful next month. Make whatever adjustments you need so that you do not spend more then you make.



It is important to note that God’s people will experience increased difficultly from the world the deeper into the end times we go, so we must get prepared.

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